Praise and Awards

2017, Received the "Timermanis Award", Festival of the Arts GR, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Definitely reminded of the prank call, and chuckled a bit!! Great concept and painting." -K. F., Southern California via Instagram

"This is beautiful. It's more real than real life!" -S.U., Mill Valley, California via LinkedIn

"I have gotten some great help and gained new knowledge from the class!" -Katelyn K., Greater Grand Rapids area, Michigan

"WOW. I love how realistic (but clearly artistic) your work is." -L. O., Massachusetts via Facebook

"That is beautiful, going to have to go check out the show." -Amanda, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Just gorgeous" -Margaret S., London, UK

"Beauty!" -L.B., Grand Haven, Michigan via LinkedIn

"Love the painting! (And macaroons & expresso, Yum)" -Paula A., San Francisco Bay area, California

"So inspiring!" -Christine C., Grand Rapids, Michigan via LinkedIn

"It looks amazing, I can't wait to see it up close!" -W., via Facebook

"Thank you for bringing some beauty and culture into my day" -K., Greater Nashua area, New Hampshire

"Beautiful and painted at the right time for us in the UK." -Harsha W., London, UK via Facebook

"Love this painting!" -Kathleen K., Greater Grand Rapids area, Michigan via LinkedIn

"They look so real and good enough to eat!'', C. K., Michigan

"Fantastic artwork!" -K. H. H., Springdale, Arkansas via Facebook

"Wow! that's beautiful Susan!!! Looks like you painted the roses with frosting!" -Beverly L., Florida 

"That's great, Susan! You really nail that old world style." -Amy S., Traverse City, Michigan

"Beautiful!" -S. N., Utah via Instagram

"Congratulations to you! You work hard, have painted some very gorgeous pictures that demonstrate your talent and love for art!" -N, via Facebook

"Your talent is amazing. I would not know where to begin and you have already produced a beautiful painting" -C. K., Holland, Michigan

"Excellent! I love how the wood turned out on the chest." -Chantal H-S., Greater Grand Rapids area, Michigan

"Your painting has inspired me to add them to my shopping list". -K. D., London, UK