Artist Statement

What is it that never ceases to appeal about the familiar and seeing beauty in the mundane… in food, flowers, shoes, a shoreline, rocks, telephones, bird nests or simple household utensils? Much of my work is within the still-life and landscape traditions. My paintings are rewarding, comforting and yield their rich experiences in form and color in quiet measure. I create a strong sense of light through reflections and transparencies on surfaces, such as water, petals, glass vases, copper pots and old telephones that viewers remark on. There is more than visual documentation in my paintings rather, compositions that connect across time offering pleasure and memory. Perhaps it is the quality of lovingly rendered everyday objects that are proverbial, lovely as natural forms or manufactured designs. The images I present encourage seeing beauty in the every day, represent a love of nature and of representational painting methods that come handed down from centuries of hard work. Trained in methods of academic painting which is much more than brush, color and glazing techniques, it involves accuracy in drawing while painting poetically and directly from nature with emphasis on light and composition. The results can be whimsical or profound, light or dark, simple or complex.